Improving Your Health and Wellbeing

With the sense of renewal that comes each spring, many people dive into re-examining their health goals from diet and exercise to expanding their learning opportunities. Moving towards improved health and wellbeing is about discovering new choices and ways to enhance our lives.

The Attuning Mind and Body is a way of learning how to improve our overall health. An integrated mind/body or psycho-physical learning approach is a way for making change through “body learning”, which leads to increased mindfulness in all you do, leading to greater enjoyment in living. Beginning with learning how to change your way of moving, and how you hold tension in your body, you can discover a whole new realm of choices for stress reduction and mindful living. The Alexander Technique is a fundamental mindfulness practice that restores energy and freedom of movement, while enhancing your sense of wellbeing. You can experience a new sense of freedom of movement in exercising without adding stress, and confidently you will have great enjoyment in hiking, cycling, dancing, running and yoga with greater comfort, balance and improved coordination.

The Alexander Technique, as a mindfulness practice, has a long history of being applied to many areas for improving health. At the core of health is wanting to live pain free with energy and wellbeing. The Alexander Technique is a foundational tool that you will learn to use in daily living and in all aspects of your work life. The Attuned Mind/Body Program using practical and scientifically validated methods for enhancing you physical and mental wellness.

So as you refine and commit to new goals for higher performance and improved health, the Attuned Mind/Body Program can open up a whole new level of awareness and experience to improve your health on many levels. Most importantly, you can gain new tools for improving your zest of living and for restoring energy in all the things you enjoy doing while improving your relationships. Stress and tension will be re-directed into a new quality of ease and wellbeing.