A Better You in All You Do

Whether you enjoy yoga, Pilates, cycling, tennis, running, or any number of fitness activities, the benefits you get from all of these depends on how attuned you are in your Mind/Body.

You can learn new ways to improve your Mind/Body awareness so that you can regain vitality in all of your activities and perform at your best. Preventing injuries and getting the most out of our activities is dependent on your Mind and Body Attunement.

People in mid- to later life are discovering they can regain a more youthful sense of living. This involves greater physical flexibility, improved balance, and freedom from joint pain.

The aspects of the Attuned Mind and Body Program include:

Developing your neuroplasticity by learning new ways for relieving stress and tension.

Improving your physical functioning through ease and flexibility, with guided movement and gentle stretching.

Experience fuller, deeper breathing for calming your nervous system.

Learn to respond rather than react to stressful situations.

Experience a more integrated sense of yourself through self directed movement.