Mindfulness in Action

Mindfulness awareness is the new focus of taking meditation and stress reduction techniques into one’s whole life. But the question is what specific ways does one actually do this? It is much easier to calm down, focus, breath and release in calm quiet setting, apart from our daily living. The Alexander Technique has an over hundred year history of teaching mindfulness in action, in daily living. Outside of meditation and relaxation, what causes stress to creep into all of our activities? With the best of intentions, we start our day with the intention of moving through our days with energy and focus, staying conscious of life’s stressors. Do you find despite your best intentions though, that stress starts to build up through your day and you feel your body tighten, your mood shifts, and you feel like you are holding in reactions to situations. Body Mind Wellness offers practical tools to stop the stress response in activity, and allow for mindfulness in activity. Simple, practical techniques can allow you to how choose ease over stress in your daily life, relieving physical stress, and opening a whole new way to shift your consciousness for greater body/mind wellbeing.