Mindfulness in Action

Mindfulness is a way of reducing stress in your daily life by learning to expand your attention and awareness. The question is what specific ways you can actually bring mindfulness into your daily living and job performance? We all know that it is much easier to calm down, focus, and release in stress in a calm quiet setting, apart from our daily activities. Mind-Body in Action uses sound techniques with decades of application and development for simple, practical techniques for mindfulness. Learning new tools integrating your mind-body awareness into daily living activities will reduce your stress and expand your mind-body awareness. The Alexander mind-body techniques have an over hundred year history of expanding mindfulness in action, in daily living. With the best of intentions, we start our day with energy and focus, wanting to be conscious of how we react to life’s stressors. Do you find despite your best intentions though, that stress starts to build up and you feel your body tighten your mood shift, and you feel you react to situations and people? Mind-Body in Action techniques offer practical tools to stop the stress response and to open up new choices for consciously responding to people and situations. You can learn to experience dynamic ease rather than stress and tension. Simple, practical techniques can allow you to relieve both physical and mental stress in your daily life, relieving physical tension pain, and a sense of mindful control without tension. Relieving the stress response reduces the “wear and tear” on our bodies and helps us to feel calmer, more focused and energized throughout our day.