Jane Clanton Bick offers courses for business professionals in “Mindfulness in Action” training. This course is designed to give professionals in the workplace, tools for mind/body wellness and stress reduction. This is course has clear principles that increase body/mind awareness, and practical methods of stress reduction, can be used while on job performance. Breathing, calm, physical ease and comfort, energy and an overall sense of wellbeing are enhanced by the methods in the “Mindfulness in Action” courses.

Jane also offers “Redirection Kinetics” movement training courses for therapist including: massage and bodywork therapists, physical therapists, yoga therapists, movement therapists, Pilates teachers, Alexander Technique practitioners, Feldenkrais practitioners and other professional movement and bodywork therapists.
This course is designed to ground teachers and therapists in movement principles that relieve stress and tension in the body in movement and give clients and clear and practical way of conscious directing their movement in action. The course teaches clear verbal and hands on methods for coaching clients in their learning process and for building self efficacy in clients, so that they can improve their mind/body awareness and movement. The principles and methods of this course improve the overall outcomes of many other disciplines and therapies. Therapists and teachers can hone their skills while enabling their clients to improve their movement, posture, ease, balance and overall sense of wellbeing.

Jane offers mature adults a six week course in “Ageless BodyEase”. This course is designed to teach principles of movement and mindfulness that help participants to improve balance, flexibility, ease of movement and overall comfort. Participants learn how to improve mindfulness in daily living to improve vitality, calm and a renewed sense of zest for living.