The Alexander Technique is an integral part of many professional performance arts and conservatory training. The Julliard School, Yale Drama School, American Conservatory Theater, and Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts are just a few of the professional actor training programs that offer the Alexander Technique for actors. Musicians and singers study the Alexander Technique as part of their training at the Boston Conservatory, the Berkley School of Music, and the Manhattan School of Music, just to name a few of the professional training programs for musicians.

The Alexander Technique allows actors to improve their movement, posture and the quality of their overall performance which greatly allowing for freedom in the acting process. Improvement in posture, along with a reduction of tension, allows for a naturalness of character expression and vocal and breathing freedom. The whole acting process becomes freer, taking away both physical strain and vocal limitations and opening up the actor’s “whole instrument” for expression.

“My Alexander work has been transformative. I was struggling in my acting work to relax and this struggle was becoming a bigger and bigger barrier to my work. I found that, especially in cold reads, I was bringing so much tension into a scene, that I was making odd facial expressions which is, of course, a big problem for focused film work. Since beginning my work with Jane, I have been able to find ease and I enter scenes and audition situations with that ease.”

Nichole H., professional actor

“I just worked with Jane for a half hour and could not believe the difference in accessibility both emotionally and vocally. If you want to act with ease and grace, Jane will take you there!”

Carol Hickey, film and stage actor and acting teacher, L.A. Standard Acting Studio, Austin, TX.

Actors working both in stage, film, and voice-over and commercial work use the Alexander Technique to eliminate habitual tension, to alleviate stage fright, and to expand their range in their acting. Working with the Alexander Technique with stage performance, monologues, scene work and cold readings, leads to greater vocal and physical flexibility and greater skill for creating characters and working with text.

Jane has taught “The Actor’s Freedom” classes and private sessions through the L.A. Standard Acting Studio in Austin, Texas with master acting teacher, Carol Hickey, and L.A. producer, director and film acting coach, Steven Bridgewater. Jane also works with the acting and musical theater performance programs across Texas and the U.S. including the musical theater and acting programs at Texas State University. She also presents special Alexander training classes for Alexander teachers and trainees. Jane’s work with professional performers in theater and vocal and instrumental performance spans over thirty-five years. Jane has taught workshops across the U.S. in professional conservatory and university acting, music and dance programs as a faculty member and guest artist.

Jane has also presented master classes on Alexander Technique and musical performance at University of Arizona’s Department of Music. Currently I work with both jazz and orchestral musicians, and offer instruction for vocal performers as well in Tucson, Arizona in my home studio.

Jane has taught the Alexander Technique to musicians all around the U.S. including, the U.S. Air Force Band, Austin Symphony Orchestra, Tucson Symphony Orchestra, San Antonio Symphony, Dallas Symphony, Houston Symphony and Omaha Symphony to name a few. I have also worked with many professional singers and vocal ensembles and have been a university master instructor for the opera program at the University of Texas-San Antonio, and the at Texas State University School of Theater and Dance, where I coached musical theater students and worked with faculty while in production.

Jane has developed an integrated mind/body approach to injury prevention and treatment for vocal and musical performers through my work with the Alexander Technique, the Body Mapping, and extensive Somatic therapy and bodywork training. Jane also uses her professional training in voice and speech, in working with the voice to improve articulation, voice production and breath control, through ease and improved coordination with the Alexander Technique with singers, actors and public speakers.