Jane has been a certified Alexander Technique practitioner for over thirty years. She teaches the Alexander Technique as a means of relieving chronic tension and strain patterns. Jane educates her clients in how to integrate the Alexander Technique and Fascial Fitness practices in their overall lifestyle. This enhances fitness, and allows for a freer, more pain free approach to living. Jane also supports each clients integration of this approach into their daily living through Wellness Coaching.

The Alexander Technique is a highly respected method for mind/body integration and movement re-education. The Alexander Technique is taught as an educational process for changing habits of movement and learning a conscious means of improving how one performs in all activities. The Alexander method has been taught around with world since the early part of the 1900’s in both educational and clinical settings. The method has been been integrated into sports and fitness training, in professional performance arts training, and in specialized therapeutic approaches such as physical therapy, yoga and Pilates.

The Alexander Technique is a practical method for learning to free unnecessary tension in order to restore greater freedom of movement, balance, flexibility and coordination.  The Alexander Technique teaches how specific principles of movement affect overall coordination and functioning. Through the teacher/practitioner’s gentle hands on guidance, the student learns how to release unnecessary habits, which add pressures and tensions and restrict freedom of movement. As a result excessive effort is reduced, allowing for more efficient use of your body in all activities.

Movements become freer, lighter and more graceful and joint freedom and overall coordination improve. Increased mental clarity and emotional equanimity come as a result of the improved psychophysical (body-mind) awareness and functioning. Breathing and vocal production are greatly affected with the Technique, allowing for freer breathing and vocal production. Improved balance and support elevates unnecessary muscular tension and strain for people of all ages.

The Alexander Technique is for everyone interested in improving their overall performance in daily activities and specialized skills. It allows for greater conscious control and can be learned at any time in life and requires no previous background or experience. It is both enjoyable to learn either in group or individual sessions. The Alexander Technique frees our natural movement for optimal performance and wellbeing.