I have teaching the Alexander Technique, and offering somatic movement education and therapy sessions for over thirty years. My clients report that they experience greater comfort and freedom of movement, resulting in improved posture and less strain and off less pain in movement. My approach to teaching with hands-on work, integrates the Alexander Technique and other somatic mind/body approaches for releasing excessive tension, and for reducing both physical and mental stress. I work with individuals in many professions, including those with high stress jobs, including people in demanding computer related professions. I also specialize in working with people in health care professions such as doctors, dentists, dental hygienists, massage therapists, physical therapists and others who experience physical stain in their professions. I have been offering professional training to working actors, singers, musicians and dancers for over three decades, as well as teaching in university performing arts programs as a guest artist.

“I have been a student and client of Jane’s for over ten years and she
has been instrumental in my becoming more aware of how I use my body.
She has assisted me through many stages of growth and healing – and is
one of those rare people who bring an unusually level of skill,
expertise, and compassion all together when working with her clients.”

– John Cole, martial arts instructor, and national web developer, Austin, Texas

“I arrived at Jane’s doorstep with a labrum tear in one hip, “severe degenerative disease” in my lower back and a neck that had seized up solid. Not a pretty picture. After only 25 semi-weekly lessons, I can now move with significantly more ease, better balance and less pain. There’s also a great deal more hope in that picture that wasn’t there before. During the learning process, Jane was unfailingly gentle, patient, kind, non-judgmental, cheerful, optimistic and extraordinarily insightful. I always trusted that I would not be hurt in any way. She shared her very deep and broadly-based knowledge and experience freely, was exceedingly generous with her time, was always accessible by e-mail to answer questions. Jane sent weekly detailed descriptions of what I should practice, given my specific situation. I consider my lessons in the Alexander Technique to have been a superb investment in my future and highly recommend Jane as the ideal guide to have at your side.”

-C. R., Tucson, Arizona

“Jane Bick has been a welcome presence in my life! She was recommended by a friend for help with one physical problem and then I realized that was not the issue at all. I have been working with Jane for over a year and a half and I have made incredible progress. Jane is a beautiful person and I appreciate her knowledge and her way of presenting it.”

-F. Veres, professional musician and musical coach/conductor
Tuson, Arizona