I offer a highly attuned means for discovering how to enjoy more comfort, energy and mindfulness in your life. With over thirty years experience teaching the Alexander Technique, and as a Wellcoaches Health and Wellness coach, I can support you on your path to greater enjoyment in living. You can reach an overall healthier lifestyle, through the wellness and movement coaching for learning to move with ease, flexibility and dynamic posture. Since stress is one of the greatest factors affecting health, learning how to reduce stress and enjoy a greater sense of wellbeing, is the foundation for life long health. Then mapping a path for overall wellness can be achieved through the Wellness coaching process.

I can help you to discover areas of your wellbeing that you would like to focus on, and I will support and guide you need to reach your new wellness goals. I help each person to navigate their own unique journey to an enhanced lifestyle and greater joy in living.

Being a certified Wellcoaches Health and Wellness coach allows me to use the gold standard design for coaches developed by Wellcoaches. The Wellcoaches coaching program is part of Boston’s McLean Hospital, an affiliate of the Harvard Medical School.

Along with being an internationally certified Alexander Technique practitioner, I have extensive training and practice in somatic movement therapy for more than twenty five years. My experience enables me to observe and analyze the patterns of strain and postural misalignment that are at the source of chronic tension and pain. I can utilize my hands-on Alexander skills to re-educate your mind/body to release chronic holding and tension for a freer more enlivened way of moving. I have many years experience of successfully enabling may clients to enjoy pain-free living through the Alexander Technique. This then becomes your way of gain new tools for mindfulness in everyday living and in specialized activities. You will be empowered with new tools for life long health and wellbeing.