I offer private and small group instruction in LifeStretch, a method for using gentle and pain free stretching to gain whole body ease and flexibility. LifeStretch was developed by the Stretch to Win Institute in Phoenix, Arizona as an adjunct to their high performance training and stretch program. LifeStretch is a great support for learning attuned body/mind movement. LifeStretch can be done at home through private coaching or in a business setting through small group coaching.

I am a certified LifeStretch Instructor and for over eight years I have studied and worked with the body’s myofascial system, which includes muscles and the overall fascial web we move in. I also have over twenty years experience as a certified massage therapist and bodyworker.

I was trained by Thomas Myers in the first Fascial Fitness Instructor Training in the United States. I continue to develop my fascial stretching and hands-on somatic therapy skills through my study of the Anatomy Trains myofascial meridians. I also offer instruction in self myofascial release with soft foam rollers, for reducing tension and pain.